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Speaking & Hosting

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Energy for Life


Millions of Americans are controlled by fatigue, unaware of how much their personal power drain is negatively affecting their quality of life. Increased susceptibility to illness and disease, irritability, hindered thinking capability, sleep disorders -- even the ability to effectively lose weight and stay with an exercise plan, are quite possibly a result of our Twenty First century energy crisis.


A strategy to soar past fatigue, boost energy, shed the stress response and reclaim enthusiasm for life will be presented with the most current research, information and practical guidelines to enact peak performance living.

Forever Young


Vital new information to help you and your patients to stay healthier, feel better and live longer! Learn the most current research in immune function and longevity - not only as it relates to caries and periodontal disease prevention, but to whole body wellness.


The food chemicals and immune boosting keys that have proven most instrumental in alleviating and preventing disease will be presented, along with practical direction and motivation for living life to its fullest.

Winning the War Against Inflammation


Learn how to be energized for life, achieve overall wellness and prevent specific illnesses associated with inflammation and aging. Smith, a nationally known nutritionist and energy coach, explains the basics of the aging process and how to compensate for damage done to the body by living the sedentary American "Weigh" with poor diet and unprocessed chronic stress.

Pam Smith is a passionate speaker, and presents throughout the country --

at corporate meetings, association conferences, seminars and community events. In addition, she has been the Festival Host for Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival for all 24 years of culinary events, and has hosted and guest-hosted TV shows for America’s Health Network, Fox, the Do-It-Yourself Network, Bloom TV, and the IGTV series "The Pam Smith Flavor Show."


Below, we have outlined some of Pam's most popular speaking topics. Would you like Pam to speak for your group or host your virtual or in-person event? Contact us today!

When Your Hormones Go Haywire
Weight gain, fatigue, fuzzy thinking, achy joints, mood swings and low libido - all are symptoms of hormones going haywire - and hit women and men! Learn a strategy to soar past fatigue, regain hormonal balance and reclaim your body -- for you and your patients to stay fit and energetic every single day!
Spice Up Your Life Seminar & Workshop​
Become an Artisanal Spice Blend Master!  Learn from Pam Smith, RDN, Celebrated Chef/Nutritionist, author and creator of P.S. Flavor!™ Artisanal Spice Blends, how to blend spices for both flavor and wellness and to become a top chef in your own kitchen.  You will be guided through the tips and techniques to mix up your own custom spice blends according to your tastes and use them to create dishes that are delicious — and nutritious… with flavor from start to finish!
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