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Brand Ambassadorship

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Does your brand need a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to speak for the 

wellness of your brand to the media and to your customers? As a respected Dietitian, sought-after speaker, best-selling author, and with a voice and network in the foodservice industry as the Co-Chair of The Culinary Institute of America's Healthy Menus R&D Collaborative, Pam's stamp holds great weight. She has become an expert resource for commodity boards and innovative food brands, such as The Mushroom Council, The Watermelon Board, Kvaroy Arctic Salmon, Barilla, and True Aussie Beef & Lamb, and would like to talk to you about how she can add to your intrinsic value in the marketplace as well as a deeper health & wellness understanding for your customers as it relates to your product.. 

As an Ambassador, Pam can:

Be available to the news and print media on your behalf

Develop recipes using your product 

Host culinary demonstrations and corporate events 

Speak to restaurant groups and associations about how your product will fit best with them

from a health, wellness, and flavor standpoint -- a seamless rather than sales-driven conversation  

Be a liaison between the industry and your company


Contact us to discuss your brand today!

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