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The Beneficial Powers of Coriander: For Your Blood Sugar

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Delicious & Nutritious

By: Pam Smith, RDN

The seed of cilantro, coriander is aromatic and medicinal. It’s been shown to ease anxiety and help people sleep, and it’s an important spice for people managing type 2 diabetes. A 2011 study published in the Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological, and Chemical Sciences found coriander acts as a natural blood sugar and cholesterol regulator.

Use It:

Ground coriander seeds pair well with eggs, salad dressings, chili sauces, and guacamole, and is a key ingredient in P.S. Flavor!™ Moroccan Spice and Citrus Spice.


Give your coriander in your meals with any of these nutritious & delicious P.S. Flavor!™ Club recipes:

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