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"Tip for Living Well"
By Pamela M. Smith, R.D.


Losing weight is best accomplished through a "leaning down" process that comes from a balanced intake of nutrients. Smart weight release occurs only when you:

1) Burn more calories than you take in,

2) Fan the flame of your metabolism by eating strategically and exercising,

3) Crack the code of the fat storage mechanism to put your body into a "burn" rather "store" mode, and

4) Change your perspective about the way you eat and live. To be set free from The Diet Traps of today, you must throw out your old belief systems and learn to separate fact from fiction.

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The Diet Trap
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I compare going on a fad diet to using throat lozenges for a strep throat infection. The pain you are soothing and the redness you might be reducing are symptoms of the real problem: a dangerous infection. It will persist, even become life threatening, until treated properly with antibiotics. Similarly, weight issues need to be addressed with real answers, not with temporary, feel-good, look-great-on-the-scale measures.

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