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"Tip for Living Well"
By Pamela M. Smith, R.D.


EAT SMART - Go easy on sweets and alcohol. These substances are like throwing gas on a PMS fire. Refined sugars have been shown to aggravate just about every symptom of PMS.

Eat whole grain carbohydrates to even out your blood sugars. Eat fish, chicken, turkey, potatoes and bananas. They provide plenty of vitamin B6 of which alleviates PMS symptoms.

ADD CALCIUM - Research shows that women who supplement with 1200 mg of calcium daily had significantly less intense symptoms of PMS, and some had no symptoms at all.

LIMIT CAFFEINE - It aggravates fibrocystic breast pain and complicates the energy and mood seesaw of PMS.

GO FOR SOY - It can alleviate the PMS symptoms of hormone fluctuations Substitute tofu, soy cheese, soybeans or soymilk in your diet.

EXERCISE EVERY DAY - This may not be what you are motivated to do, but regular exercise can change your entire hormone and brain chemistry.

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