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"Tip for Living Well"
By Pamela M. Smith, R.D.


Although November is just beginning, this month is all about Thanksgiving - and Thanksgiving seems to be the kick-off for the Holidays ahead. It can also be the beginning of the slow, slippery slide to diet disaster! Once it's over, for better or worse-- whether you strayed from healthy eating or not, it may take a little work to return to your normal routine and get back on track for the Festive month of December.

Here are five steps to help you regain control:
1. Get rid of leftovers. Turkey can be made into healthy dishes, but mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie should be thrown away. If you don't want to waste food, have your guests take home the leftovers, or donate them to a local shelter.

2. Get busy cleaning your kitchen. Make sure no unhealthy foods have crept back into the cupboards over the holiday. Take a trip to the grocery store to replenish your healthy snacks.

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3. Get back on track with healthy eating. If you overindulged, you may have to fight the "I've-Blown-It-Now" Syndrome. It's easy for a lapse to become a relapse, and then another relapse, until it is finally a collapse! Guilt leads to more overeating and more guilt - and that's what leads to the extra pounds all the way to News Years. Instead, get right back onto the "Eat Right Prescription": Eat early, eat often, eat balanced, eat lean, eat bright and drink LOTS of water. Don't think of it as starting over; instead, look at it as a way to avoid packing on the post-holiday pounds.

4. Get back to the gym. Dive right back into your normal exercise routine. It's easy to avoid exercising during this time of the year, but resist the temptation, and you'll help keep off extra holiday weight.

5. Get ready for the next holiday. Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner. Take the lessons you learned from Thanksgiving and use them to plan your next.

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* To print Pam's "Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving Guide" in one printer-friendly document, click here:
Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving Guide

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